Beginner Classes Enrolling Now! Martial Arts in Anza Teaches Discipline & Self Confidence!

Kids Classes

At Gregoire Combatives, we know you want to keep your child busy and help them stay physically fit. To help you in this endeavor, we’re enrolling now. Your child will learn discipline as well as self confidence and so much more.

Our classes are ideal for kids aged five to eleven. We have world class black belt teachers who are professionals at dealing with children. We go the extra mile to ensure that our students will receive the most benefits out of every class. Every child is rewarded with positive reinforcement and your child is sure to feel like a champ from the very first class he or she attends


Adult Classes

If ever you were to find yourself in an unfortunate position and needed to defend yourself, the skills you learn at Gregoire Combatives will be the powerful weapons that will come to your aid. While learning these lifelong techniques for self defense, you will get an all-over workout that will slim you and trim you.