tsoilihocharactorsOur students learn two martial arts when they train with us. Kyin Kung Fu and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Being able to defend oneself in a violent situation is one of the main priorities of our studio. That is why we teach both stand up techniques and grappling.

The stand up martial is kying kung fu which is based on the ancient art of Tsoi Li Ho Fut Hung. Our instructor is a certified Master in that art.

The Brazilian Jui-jitsu is the best grappling martial art designed to teach the student how to defend themselves if the fight ended up on the ground. We are part of the of C-Quence BJJ competition team. C-Quence is one of the top competition teams in the United States and is headed by 3rd Degree Black Belt John Munoz and is based in Norco CA.

We have been proudly serving the Anza and surrounding communities since 2012.