Adult Classes

Anza Adult Martial Arts Classes

blackbeltThe skills you learn at Gregoire Combatives will be the powerful weapons of self-defense that will come to your aid if you ever needed them. While learning these lifelong techniques for self defense, you will get an all-over workout that will slim you and trim you.


Gregoire Combatives is not a typical martial arts school. That is because our specialty is in Kyin Kung-Fu and Brazilain Jui Jitsu. These two martial arts  will will allow you to be able to defend yourself with strikes and grappling techniques.

Starting with your first class, our instructors will show you how to disarm an attacker with incredibly powerful strikes and submission holds. While you are mastering these two arts, you will be rewarded with many other benefits for your body and your mind. Here are just some of them:

  • Each killer workout will burn fat – fast
  • Enjoy enhanced all-over body toning
  • Experience a boost of self–confidence as you master techniques in self-defense
  • You will increase your ability to concentrate and focus
  • Your stress levels will be reduced to virtually zero


When you take classes at Gregoire Combatives, you train at the hands of experienced instructors. These instructors have decades of experience teaching students in the martial arts. As you work with your instructors one-on-one, you develop impressive strength, solid self-defense skills and a wealth of determination.


We are confident that you will be delighted with learning crucial self-defense skills all while enjoying a total body workout. There are so many reasons to enroll in a class right now.

This month, Gregoire Combatives is offering special introductory discounts on our newest martial art class enrollments. Now is the time to find out more about what Gregoire combatives can offer you. Simply complete the contact form on this page and submit it. Upon receiving it, we will send you all the details necessary to make it easy for you to enroll in a class and become a martial arts expert.