Little Dragons Ages 4-7

Now Is The Time To Enroll Your Child in our In Little Dragons Class. Perfect for ages 4 through 7!

kids dragons program

If your child has been sitting on the couch most of the evening it is time for them to get active with our Little Dragons martial arts program! Located at Gregoire Combatives, a team of black belts will help get your little ones between the ages of four through seven off the couch and onto their feet. Our program is the most effective martial arts program in the area for children of this age group.

This program was created with your young child in mind. Little Dragons is designed for children who have no experience in the martial arts. Unlike other programs, our professionals understand the skill sets of young children. We teach so the children have fun and understand the basic skills and fundamentals of the program. Every session that your child attends will be one filled with fun activities that are designed to get your child moving and feeling good about themselves.

A Wide Variety Of Benefits

The Little Dragon program at Gregoire Combatives understands how important physical activity is for children of all ages. We strive to get your child to enjoy basic martial arts moves like kicking, chopping, and blocking. They are having so much fun, they do not realize they are learning the fundamentals of martial arts. Over time, they will start to show the benefits they are receiving from the program.

These are just some of the benefits of Little Dragons:

* An increase in self-respect, self-esteem, and confidence.
* Children are empowered to handle difficult situations as well as stranger danger.
* Learning to understand that martial arts can be fun
* Better concentration skills which are vital in school and life.
* Releasing all this energy in session improves behavior at home.

Little Dragons Program Advantages

Spending too much time in the house is not good for anyone, especially young children. By enrolling in the Little Dragons program at Gregoire Combatives, your child will not only be having fun but learning vital skills as well. Among them is self-defense which is so important to any child in today’s world. Your child can be enjoying all of these skills and activities this month when new classes start.

Time is running out on this new session, so it is important to get in touch with us soon. We have a great introductory offer that we would love to offer you, so your child can start right away. Feel free to use the contact form located on this page and we will rush out all the important information to you. This is an incredible opportunity to introduce your child to the incredible world of martial arts.